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March 4 2013 2 04 /03 /March /2013 22:46

Spring Vacation

Barbie Dressup

Confession is the new trend spreading in most of school. confession is the place that people can talk about their feelings or secret that no one knows. When it is a page in Facebook, it is supported by a lot of people, in which, most of them are students. Let image that comic book “Doremon” appears confession trend in Nobita’s school.

I think about that when suddenly, I saw a dress up game for Nobita and Shizuka before he has the confession to Shizuka. I immediately image that how it is if there are a new chapter written to describe the confession page in his school’s wall. To begin with Doremon, what does he want to confess or wish? Perhaps, the first thing he wishes is dorayaki which is a snack food made with sweet bean paste, he loves it very much and can eat it all day. And he will confess that he hates cold , rats and mice. Maybe he will confess to love some one and wants to send this secret confession to her.

If there a confession page, this is a good chance for Nobita to write about his feelings to Shizuka. He is the only child in his family, besides, he is so unlucky, lazy and weak. He likes Shizuka but no times he reveals, the only person he can tell is Doremon. Therefore, this time, he can write all he wants in the confession page, even Gian’s bully to him. However, if he expresses his love and if he has a date with her. Which things should he prepare? The first notable feature is his appearance. Remember that game I played yesterday, as I told above, a dress up game for Nobita and Shizuka. They prepared costumes and accessories for the date after his love confession.

Nobita looks different in a lot of different appearance when I changed clothes and shoes, especially his hairstyle. He looks more confident with the special present in his hand. Meanwhile, Shizuka is also pretty and fashionable in colorful dress and a handbag. All items are available so I only need to click to find the one I like for characters. It is very interesting and attracts me a lot. I thought in mind and hoped that there would be a new chapter about the confession of characters in the story.

If it is Gian’s confession, maybe he will talk about hundreds of successful bully to other kids as a champion about power. In addition, he will express his dream to become a singer someday, he will be famous and there will be numerous fans around. Whereas, Suneo, a local rich kid, will show off his wealth and his store of toys. He will wish to be a millionaire in the future and other kids will have to admire him. What about Shizuka, a nicest girl and only girl in a friend group of five? What will a smart, pretty and gentle girl confess? She loves romances and wishes to have a happy family when she grows up.

So, it will be amazing to see the real confessions of the characters in Doremon in the next chapter if it is possible.

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